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   is   a   certified   FN   horse   trainer   and   has   successfully   taken   part   in   various   jumping   and   dressage   competitions   for many   years.   One   day-   while   in   Spain   –   he   noticed   a   rider   working   his   horse   with   the   greatest   ease   on   the   beach. Fascinated   he   got   in   touch   with   that   person   and   the   result   was   a   one   year   stay   in   Spain.   The   training   of   horses   in Spain   was   quite   different   to   the   one   he   had   known   during   his   training   in   Germany   and   it   took   quite   some   time   until   he   had   found his own specific way – a combination of the old and new knowledge. For   a   short   time   he   worked   as   a   horse   trader   for   Spanish   horses   but   his   passion remained   riding   them.   In   his   lessons   he   tries   to   teach   his   students   love   for   their horses   and   the   striving   for   perfection:   „You   can’t   reinvent   riding.   You   always   have to   be   honest   with   yourself.   Sometimes   you   will   have   to   start   from   the   beginning   to achieve your go al.“ A   very   special   history   tells   about   the   love   between   Oliver   and   his   first   Spanish   horse Gitano.   After   he   had   saved   the   seriously   ill   animal   from   the   slaughterer   he   took   him to    Germany    and    nursed    him    back    to    health.    After    some    time    of    training    he successfully took him to numerous shows in Germany. It   was   there   that   he   was   discovered   by   Günther   Fröhlich   who   asked   Oliver   to   take part in his horse musical Zauberwald. And it was there that he met Ana. Since   then   they   have   been   working   together   for   17   years   now.   They   are   bound   by their passion for horses and Flamenco. On request   Oliver holds special riding lessons for 4 to 8 riders with their own horses on weekends.
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