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      was   educated   in   the   art   of   dancing   at   the   Folkwang   University   of   The   Arts   in   Essen,   Germany,   her   teacher   was the   famous   modern   dance   performer   and   choreographer   Pina   Bausch.   She   was   awarded   the   first   prize   for   the art of dancing of the Josef-Else-Claasen Foundation. After   her   successful   graduation   she   went   to   Spain   in   order   to   specialize   in   the   art   of   the   Spanish   dance   Flamenco   in   Madrid   and   Granada.   At   the   internationally recognized school Amor de Dios she completed her knowledge. Back   in   Germany   she   performed   in   several   shows   and   then   –   in   1997   –   she   met Günther    Fröhlich    and    was    given    the    leading    role    in    his    horse    musical Zauberwald.   It   was   there   that   she   met   Oliver   and   since   then   she   has   been working with him as a team for 17 years now. But   it   isn’t   just   Avantgarde   Horses&   Dance   and   several   other   dancing   projects that   Ana   is   working   for.   She   has   recently   been   called   The   Encourager   by   a newspaper,    because    there    are    always    children    involved    in    her    projects, especially   those   who   are   deprived   or   do   not   have   the   opportunity   to   get   a   good education.   Ana   loves   to   work   with   those   children   in   order   to   strengthen   their self-confidence by giving them the chance of performing in public.
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